Center for Work and Democracy

El Centro del Trabajo y Democracia

Amplifying voices

The Center for Work and Democracy was founded in 2019 to connect university knowledge production to the challenges facing working people in our increasingly unequal and exclusionary society. The video on the right tells the Center's story.

The Center understands that working people have been marginalized in our polity, and conducts research with organizations whose missions are to increase the voice and power of the working class in order to support greater social change.

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Majority Rules: The Battle for Ballot Initiatives

Benjamin S. Case, Michael McQuarrie

The Ballot Initiatives Project explores the current fight over voters’ access to the ballot initiative process.

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Twin Flames: The George Floyd Uprising from Minneapolis to Phoenix


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"One of the things I really love about the Center is that it approaches scholarship in a way that I think is valuable and necessary... We use academic modes of training and we try to create research that we can share with the broader public"

– Rashad Shabazz, Advisory Board Member

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