BOOK TALK: Rashad Shabazz's "Biography of a Sound" with Commentary from Jeanelle Austin

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Text: Twin Flames Speaker Series; Rashad Shabazz Book Talk with Commentary from Jeanelle Austin

Join Dr. Rashad Shabazz, CWD board member and Associate Professor in the Schools of Social Transformation and Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning-, and Jeanelle Austin, Executive Director of the George Floyd Global Memorial, for a discussion around the history and politics of Minneapolis and Prince and how they weave together to create meaning in the present day.

Biography of a Sound-- Prince, Place and the Minneapolis Sound is a musical geography that tells the story of how Indian removal, white settlement, mass migration, industrialization, music education, racism, and a genius kid born and raised in the city’s small Black community gave rise to a form of transgressive popular music that put the “vanilla city” of Minneapolis on the map. For over four decades, Prince dazzled us with his unique combination of rock, funk, R&B, jazz, and new wave. His musical range was unparalleled; his talent was otherworldly, and his drive was legendary. He was a one-man band who wrote, arranged, composed, and performed most of the music on his 44 studio albums, influenced generations of musicians, and mentored musicians like Janelle Monae, Lizzo, and Alicia Keys. He single-handedly changed the face of popular music and became one of the greatest and most prolific artists we’ve ever seen. Biography of a Sound uncovers the hidden history of the music Prince made famous.

Join us for this exciting event on April 25, 2024 at 2:30pm in the ASU Art Musuem's Art in Focus room, or via Zoom.

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