Twin Flames: The George Floyd Uprising from Minneapolis to Phoenix

Submitted by mcesch on Wed, 01/17/2024 - 00:11
image of a fist rising up out of the Minneapolis skyline


In partnership with the ASU Art Museum and the George Floyd Global Memorial, the Center for Work and Democracy presents “Twin Flames: The George Floyd Uprising from Minneapolis to Phoenix.” Presented for the first time outside of Minnesota and on view from February 3 through July 28, 2024 at the ASU Art Museum, “Twin Flames” asks important questions about the role of art and community as a vehicle for bearing witness and creating deeper understanding and empathy. It also examines the state of public memorials in this country, and prompts us to reflect on whose stories are shared, by whom and why. 

In contrast to traditional monuments, “Twin Flames” is a powerful, community-led exhibition that showcases a selection of the thousands of offerings laid by mourners and protesters at George Floyd Square, collected by a group of community caretakers and cataloged by the George Floyd Global Memorial team. This exhibition recognizes that creative and artistic expressions of pain and hope exist beyond the walls of museums, in all forms and a myriad of cultural expressions, and that George Floyd Square is a public space that can teach us how to mobilize as we mourn victims of police violence and imagine better, more peaceful worlds.

You can register to attend our opening night festivities here.

(Images courtesy of Mya Kai creative. Twin Flames: The George Floyd Uprising from Minneapolis to Phoenix. ASUAM COMS.)



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